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Metode Kemitraan

IstanaSlot88 invites the country’s affiliates to join forces in moving forward, we welcome the industry peers and the public to join us! IstanaSlot88 provides the most advanced cooperation platform hardware facilities and excellent customer service as a bridge for your success, to partner with you in accumulating wealth! We provide a variety of partnership models for us to grow together.

Affiliate Model

Affiliate Model is currently the most popular mode of partnership in the online gaming industry. As long as you have your own promotional resources, including Websites/ Forums/ Union/ QQ group/ media etc., capital investment won't be needed. It could be done through advertising or sharing of information, sharing of the affiliate link that we will provide you to your like-minded online friends or friends around you to earn a corresponding income. You can receive 35% of company's net profit every month from the offline membership games (maximum amount is 55%) , thus you can truly reap profits from the comforts of your own home with no risk. So what are you waiting for? Hurry and join us in promoting for our business!

Plug-in Anti-Pembajakan (hanya untuk Windows)
Instruksi: Unduh plug-in dan klik dua kali file BAT. Ketikkan sembarang tombol untuk memulai sampai muncul "SELESAI". *Coba Google DNS lebih dulu*





Password harus memiliki 10-16 karakter dan harus mengandung kombinasi huruf besar dan huruf kecil dan angka